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Every order is different and every customer has individual requirements. It is our goal to provide each and every customer with those services he really needs. In general, in our view, we can do everything that comes under the heading of services.

Since 2015 also certified by ISO 9001 (Quality Management) for the scope "Warehousing and Forwarding"
and by ISO 22000 (Food Safety) for the scope "Handling of packaged raw ingredients"

Services that we provide on a regular basis include, amongst others:

Import clearance

• We organise FOB overseas shipments.

• We take care of exemption procedures for CFR / CIF consignments.

• We arrange the release of general cargo and containers in the port.


• Using ATLAS, we register the goods for free circulation.

• Using the NCTS system we organise the dispatch of duty unpaid goods.

• We can store undeclared goods for an indefinite period of time in our bonded warehouse.


• We load and unload containers with items weighing up to four tonnes.

• We load and unload trucks from both behind as well as from the side.

Stockholding, warehousing

• We store almost all kinds of goods, with the exception of hazardous goods and easily perishable foodstuff.

• We prepare a stock list for customers at least once a month.

• We optimise on a continuous basis the required storage space, and provide transparent billing according to weight or number of palettes.


• We take samples in accordance with customer instructions.

• We mark and neutralise packages.

• We conduct goods inspection in accordance with customer instructions.

Order picking

• We make up consignments in accordance with the customers’ orders

• We also order pick all kinds of part-pack quantities.

• We pack all kinds of assortments.


• We have a choice of standard cardboard boxes available at all times for purposes of re-packing goods

• We plan and obtain individual packing depending on requirements.

• We stretch-wrap palettes to ensure safe transport

• Depending on requirements, we provide the cardboard boxes with appropriate cushioning material.


• We offer dispatch on a daily basis using different parcel service providers.

• We always find the optimal method of dispatch, no matter if the consignment is a parcel, palette, part, or full load.

• We ship both nationally and internationally.

• We deliver daily, also to collectors.


• We provide IT interfaces to assist in the placing of orders.

• We provide electronic formats for inventory and dispatch reports