Company Profile

The family enterprise

can be described today as one of Hamburg’s typical small and medium-sized companies. The company was first founded in 1923, and since then has remained in the hands of the Leinweber family for four generations. It, therefore, goes without saying that we identify ourselves very closely not only with Hamburg as a logistics hub, but also with Hanseatic trading traditions.

Our warehouse facilities

in Wilhelmsburg, comprising a total of 20,000 m2, provide our customers with more than enough space. Furthermore, the location can be reached very easily. The spaciously designed yard ensures smooth handling operations, and even has enough room to easily cope with the future-planned extra- long trucks. Loading ramps, of variable heights, located around the perimeter of the yard provide access to all warehouses thus enabling a rapid handling of goods. This concept has the advantage that it does not rely on numbered docking gates.


is an aspect we place great emphasis on. And not only in the sense of the dictionary definition, but rather because we always adapt our services to satisfy the requirements of our customers. This starts with the requirements placed on the incoming goods inspection and how we handle the goods, and continues with the high standards of IT information flow. Our customised software can be configured quickly and easily for all types of popular interfaces and, consequently, no customer is either too big or too small for us.

Our customers

range from small internet traders with stocks of goods amounting to only a few palettes, and shipments of a few packages per month, up to customers with thousands of different articles and several hundred orders per day. We have already worked together with some of our customers for a number of decades and have seen our businesses mutually grow. We are thus in a position to develop a high degree of competence with regards to those specific goods we deal with on a daily basis.